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Scrap mainborad of mobile phone

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Scrap mainborad of mobile phone

│ Description │

We can supply only mainboard of mobile phone.
We can supply mainboard 10K~200K per month.

* Price(each piece)
2g : 3usd
3g : 4usd
Smart : 5.5usd

│ Company introduction │

Robin networks., co. ltd is one of Korea's leading trading companies, established in June 2012 and active in various fields.

We specialize in Merchandise trade, export, import, trans-port, offer, and manufacturing etc. We have a network of 3000 suppliers and factories that work with us.
Our online community includes 4,000 registered companies, with 100 new companies joining every month.
We maintain business with top korean companies, such as Samsung, Pantech and SK, and we are developing day by day enough to participate in national projects.
We work with companies of all sizes big and small. Our goal is to build relationships with the companies we work with and grow the success of our businesses together.
We strive to earn the trust of our customers through clear communication and delivering quality results.


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Scrap mainborad of mobile phone

Scrap mainborad of mobile phone